Bail Bond Attorney Referrals And Resources

When it comes to finding a reliable bail bond attorney, there are many helpful resources that you can turn to. These resources and referral programs include the following:

  • The AttorneylinkSM Program– Our AttorneylinkSM program was created specifically to help people find a reliable attorney. With an attorney, the defendant has a much higher chance of showing up for scheduled court dates and successfully meeting the terms of their bail. Legal representatives that have signed up for this service will get calls from our bail clients. The more calls you receive, the more business you will receive as well. Contact us at (215)561-2245 today and get started with the AttorneylinkSM program straight away
  • Defense Retainer Priority– here at Philadelphia Bail Bonds, we encourage that the client first retains defense council. This way the council gets paid first. Since we can take payment plans, this way everyone gets paid when they are do.

Warrant Turn-In

If the you currently have an active warrant in your name, we can arrange for a convenient warrant surrender. We will handle the paperwork before you are arrested at an inconvenient time. Contact us today if you have an active warrant before you wind up behind bars.

A Friendly And Professional Staff

Many in the bail bonds industry can come across as crass and rude. Here at Philadelphia Bail Bonds, we guarantee that our staff will have a friendly and professional demeanor. They will not judge you or your life choices. They will make sure that you get the help you deserve regardless of your situation. Contact us today for empathetic bail bonds assistance.

Contact Us Today

When it comes to reliable bail bonds, attorney referrals and warrant services, we here at Philadelphia Bail Bonds are the go-to company. The next time you need any sort of assistance with anything related to bail bonds, then give us a call or email us straight away. We are always standing by to help.

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