The Bail Bonds Process

Our goal here at Philadelphia Bail Bonds is to make the bail process as fast, reliable and understandable as possible. While bail is a seemingly complicated process, we make it easy to understand. When it comes to fast, reliable and professional level bail bondsmen Philadelphia Bail Bonds is the company to call. Contact us at (215)561-2245 with any questions you might have about the bail bonds process.


When you get arrested, the first step is to take you to the jail or police station for booking. Booking is the process of recording information about the arrestee. This will include taking your fingerprints, personal information and a mug shot. After booking you will be placed in a cell with other booked arrestees.

Bail Hearings

If your crime is not very serious (like a misdemeanor or minor criminal offence) then you will usually be eligible for bail immediately. However, if your crime was more serious then you will have to wait for a hearing with a judge to determine the eligibility and the amount of your bail.

Posting Bail

Once the bail amount has been set (usually at an amount that is intentionally impossible for the average person to pay on their own) you may then contact a bail bonds company. A bonds company, like us here at Philadelphia Bail Bonds, exists to cover all but 10% of those massive bail amounts. Bail is set so astronomically high because it is supposed to be an incentive to show up to all court dates for your trial and to not skip town. Once bail has been posted, you are free to return home and prepare for your trial(s) in comfort. Don’t spend more time behind bars then you have to. Contact us today.

Contact A Bail Bondsmen Today

When bail bonds are concerned, time is one of the most important factors. The sooner you call us here at Philadelphia Bail Bonds, the sooner you are out of jail and back home with your family. Don’t hesitate. Contact our reliable bail bonds company with any and all of your questions and concerns regarding bail bonds. Remember, Philadelphia Bail Bonds is the go-to bail bonds company.

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